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What is Auto Insurance?

In Florida Auto Insurance is required if you wish to register a vehicle to drive on Florida roadways, so you should familiarize yourself with the coverage you're about to buy. This is especially true here since there are so many variables to consider. In general, you’re going to manage your insurance dollars well if you shoulder as great a share of the risk as you can bare.

A good rule is taught by our association is:

Don’t buy insurance for the losses you can afford; buy insurance to protect yourself against the losses you can’t afford!.

By becoming an informed consumer and comparing insurance companies, you have taken a great step in knowing what it is your insurance covers you for. We here at API Group and Financial want to make sure you get the best value for your insurance dollars. We also want to assist you in understanding Florida Insurance as well as Auto Insurance coverage. We are your Trusted Choice Insurance advisor, and are here to answer any questions about auto insurance as well as any other lines of insurance

Auto insurance is like any other insurance, and is a method of pooling the risks of many drivers so that no one driver or class of drivers have to bear the entire cost of an accident at a given time. Accident claims are paid from the combined premiums of all those insured in this pool. This is known as "spreading the Risk."

For example, if you were involved in an accident or if your vehicle was stolen, you would be indemnified even though the premiums you paid didn't even begin to approach the magnitude of you loss. Other policyholders would help pay for your loss through their premiums. Nice of them huh?

If you are in an auto accident, view the Accident checklist to assist you with information gathering and what to do.


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