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How To File A Claim

That’s right, one of the reasons we carry insurance is to help us when we suffer a loss. Invariably, we will all at some time or other have to file a claim to recover damages. At times like these, it’s a good thing you’re covered by insurance…right?. For most people, though, the only thing worse than suffering a loss, is having to file a claim.

Really, it's not so difficult.
  • Contact your agent. The agency will send you a claims form or provide access online.
  • Fill out a claims form describing the details of your accident and its outcome and return it.
  • We or the company will  send out an adjuster to verify the damage and make the claim.
  • A check is sent to you.

Take care when making a claim. If you claim an excessive amount or make too many claims in a year most insurance companies will cancel your policy. Don't be afraid to claim what is due you, just don't make claims for anything you don't really need to have covered or that were really lost.

Here are some tips to make your claim process as painless as possible:

  • Know your policy beforehand. Yes we have it, but  you should also know what does it cover? What doesn’t it cover When does it cover it? When is it not covered.
  • Don't admit fault. Let the company  and any other agents involved ascertain guilt - don't say you'll pay for the accident simply because you feel bad about it.
  • Call us (or claims hotline) immediately. Call or email us as soon as you can to avoid missing any deadlines or delaying payment.
  • Document everything. Keep copies of every piece of paper you need or may need, from the police report (if there is a police presence at the accident) to pictures of your car pre- and post-accident, to receipts for car improvements; anything you may need to prove your claim, including cost or repair and replacement.
  • Don't hire - or threaten to hire - an attorney. Make your claim. If you have to, call up your state's Insurance Department. Only as a last resort get lawyers involved. Once you have a lawyer, the adjuster may talk only to that lawyer.

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